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Thursday, 7-15-10 – Some Framed Reflections

15 Jul

I was walking toward the waterfront when I saw these three buildings seemingly framed in a fourth. And I thought, “wow – cool reflections.”

As I shot, I wasn’t sure whether the best picture would be the wide angle or a medium telephoto of a segment of the reflections.  But when I got home and really looked at the exaggerated distortions in one row of windows, I decided to use that photo also. But rather than just cropping, I decided to use the whole file and darken the top and bottom rows to emphasize the one in the middle.

When I first started this project, I said I would only use Photoshop for basic correction of exposure, contrast and for cropping. But, as you can tell from this shot and some recent color photos that were converted to B/W, I’ve decided to give myself a little more room to play.


Sunday, 7-11-10 – Re-reflected

11 Jul

I took this on India Street a little over a block from our home. The building across the street from where I was standing was reflecting a building behind me. The latter building is also a glass-sided structure and it was reflecting a third building that was flying an American flag. I had seen this a few days ago but the light was wrong – all marine layer overcast. However, this afternoon we finally saw the sun after about two weeks of gray. And the sun was on the flag long enough for me to get this shot.

Wednesday, 5-19-10 — Former Store

20 May

There’s an empty storefront across the street. The store that used to be there had some nice items and some that were elegant. But they always struck me as very expensive – over-priced. And the few times I went in there to look around, the owners and staff struck me as arrogant or snooty. I did not feel welcome. I put my camera up against a window to get this shot.

Monday, 5-10-10 — Reflections

10 May

The windows in this office building are uneven in many aspects. I like the abstract art effect that the unevenness creates in the reflections of a nearby condominium.