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Friday, 7-16-10 – People on the Waterfront

16 Jul

Today was the first hot day we’ve had in a long time in downtown San Diego. It was after 5:00 p.m. when I was finally able to get out to take pictures. So I walked down to the waterfront to take advantage of the cool breeze coming off the bay and look for picture ideas.

I sat on a low ledge, facing the water. I used my wide angle lens, manually preset the exposure for the sky, and set the focus at infinity. Then I sat and waited for people to come by. I wanted to capture one of the ubiquitous pedicabs that ply the area. But I also decided to include these other three in this posting because of the range of people and situations they captured.


Thursday, 6-10-10 – A week’s worth of catching up

10 Jun

To celebrate Jan’s birthday, we spent last Friday at the Glen Ivy Hot Springs Spa in Corona. A “must do” while you’re there is the red clay “Club Mud.” You cover yourself with a layer of their red clay, lie out in the sun until it dries, then scrape and wash it off in a mineral water shower. It’s a do-it-yourself combination mud pack and exfoliation. In the photo of Jan, she’s lying on one of the lounge chairs as the sun dries the clay. The picture of me is a self-portrait right after applying the clay. I only did my face while Jan covered most of her body. Both taken with the PowerShot.

On Saturday, June 5, I saw this plant in a large pot on the sidewalk in front of a Little Italy condo building.

Sunday afternoon and evening, all day Monday and Tuesday were spent at the National Investor Relations Institute annual conference which was held this year at the Hyatt at Seaport Village. Most of that time was spent in the exhibit hall helping an associate with his booth while also trying to develop additional business for myself. Periodically, I had to get out of that hall. This picture was taken Monday with my cell phone. It’s from a balcony facing Seaport Village.

I call this picture from Tuesday, “nothing personal – just business”. The booth in the picture is where I spent most of the day. Photo taken with my cell phone.

On Wednesday, I was on Cedar Street when I saw this older man come rolling by on his electric wheel chair with a boy riding on the arm rest. I turned around, picked up my camera, and got this shot.

Today, June 10, started out misty and stayed cold and gloomy all day. This is the tomato plant that is growing upside down from the hanging container on our balcony. It finally has baby tomatoes. This is a yellow, cherry-type variety. Our balcony really doesn’t get enough hours of sunlight to grow abundant tomatoes. These are doing the best they can in the limited light of today’s June Gloom.