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Thursday, Oct. 7, 2010

7 Oct

The Nature of Coffee Shops.

First, let me say I’m not a Starbuck’s customer. I don’t have anything against the chain or its imitators/competitors. It’s just that I’m not a real coffee drinker. It’s rare that I have coffee beyond two cups with breakfast.

There are several coffee shops in our neighborhood. When I passed this one today, I saw what symbolized to me what they seem to have have become – stations to web surf and maybe do some work. I never did see this guy’s face, just his hands enclosing his coffee cup while working at his laptop.

The Net Result

I’ve also included in this post pictures I took during the upload break. I’ll be adding some of those over the next several posts. Today’s “catch-up” photos were taken late in the afternoon on Aug. 7 when Jan and I walked along a dock at Tuna Harbor where commercial fishing boats tie up. I was attracted to three different perspectives on fishing nets.

The first photo is of nets that have been neglected for so long that weeds are growing out of them even though they’re covered, mostly, with a plastic tarp.

The second shot is just the opposite – and on the other side of the dock – a fishing boat on which the nets are rolled up and ready for the next deployment.

In between, we saw a commercial fisherman and his wife who were working, even as sunset was nearing, on repairing their fishing nets. I had their permission to take their picture.


Saturday, 7-17-10 – An Early-evening Walk

18 Jul

It was after 5:30 p.m. when we decided to take a walk along San Diego Bay. Because police had blocked the area around the Star of India, we changed our plans to walk north and went the other direction, ending up at Seaport Village. I was able to take advantage of the warm light from the low sun.

There is a yacht harbor there and I saw this boy fishing from the dock.

On the way back, I took this shot of fishing boats in Tuna Harbor.

Then we passed through the shadow of the Midway Museum. That’s an active-duty aircraft carrier across the bay at the North Island Navy base.

Friday, 7-16-10 – People on the Waterfront

16 Jul

Today was the first hot day we’ve had in a long time in downtown San Diego. It was after 5:00 p.m. when I was finally able to get out to take pictures. So I walked down to the waterfront to take advantage of the cool breeze coming off the bay and look for picture ideas.

I sat on a low ledge, facing the water. I used my wide angle lens, manually preset the exposure for the sky, and set the focus at infinity. Then I sat and waited for people to come by. I wanted to capture one of the ubiquitous pedicabs that ply the area. But I also decided to include these other three in this posting because of the range of people and situations they captured.

Monday, 7-5-10 – The Kiss Revisited

5 Jul

One of the great things about where we live is that we can walk to the waterfront and people watch. Today we walked to the Fish Market to get some fresh salmon for dinner. Along the way, we took advantage of an empty bench to sit and watch the visitors who stopped to look at the statue of The Kiss. (see my entry for 5-30-10 (  https://abesdailysnap.wordpress.com/2010/05/31/sunday-5-30-10-%E2%80%93-the-kiss-and-the-kiss/)  for an earlier photo and additional info on the statue). Fortunately, I had my camera ready when these two guys couldn’t resist the urge to look up the nurse’s skirt.

After they were finished and came back to the sidewalk, the girlfriend (wife?) of the guy in the plaid shirt smacked him on the side of the head. He laughed and said something so she smacked him again – three times.

Thursday, 7-1-10 — Along the Waterfront

2 Jul

This afternoon, I took a walk along the waterfront. My photo objective was to look for interesting textures. As I walked past ships that are part of the San Diego Maritime Museum,  I was drawn to this end of a piece of wood from an old sailing ship. I don’t remember the specific part of the ship, so I’ll have to go back to update the text in this post. However, while I was thinking about shooting the texture of the end of this beam, I realized that I was looking at tree rings. I started counting and reached 89 before running out of wood. Given that the corners have been cut, there were probably a few more. So this piece of wood, resting beside the bay, was once a tree that was at least 90 years old before it was cut down for use on a ship.

The museum has docents and volunteers who dress up in period nautical costumes. This fellow, was really into his role as a pirate. And so were the passing kids.

Thursday, 6-24-10 – The Kaleidoscope

24 Jun

One of the pieces of art installed along the San Diego waterfront as part of this year’s “Urban Trees” exhibit is a large, working Kaleidoscope. You turn some cranks to change the effect of what you are looking at on San Diego Bay. Today I saw two young girls, who I’m guessing are sisters, looking through it. The bigger one was helping the smaller and then looking through it with her.

When they finished, this couple came up for their turn. Right after I took this shot, she turned and kissed him.

Sunday, 6-20-10 Fathers Day

20 Jun

Since Jan had to work on Mother’s Day, we went out for a combination Mothers/Fathers Day lunch at one of our favorite casual restaurants – Island Prime. It’s right on the water along San Diego bay.

The first photo is part of the view from our table. The second shot is the trunk of a palm tree adjacent to the restaurant’s outside deck. The plant growing next to it looks like a ginger plant but with white flowers rather than red. I liked the texture of the trunk and the bright green leaves against the gray.