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Wednesday, 7-21-10 – Empty Tables

21 Jul

There are lots of restaurants in our neighborhood – many of them very good. This one wasn’t. It’s been out of business for several months now. The unused tables and chairs are secured by a rusty chain to the fence that encloses the sidewalk dining area. But that’s not enough to stop passers-by from leaving comments.


Sunday, 6-20-10 Fathers Day

20 Jun

Since Jan had to work on Mother’s Day, we went out for a combination Mothers/Fathers Day lunch at one of our favorite casual restaurants – Island Prime. It’s right on the water along San Diego bay.

The first photo is part of the view from our table. The second shot is the trunk of a palm tree adjacent to the restaurant’s outside deck. The plant growing next to it looks like a ginger plant but with white flowers rather than red. I liked the texture of the trunk and the bright green leaves against the gray.

May 6, 2010 — Waiting for Dinner

6 May

Thursday, 5-6-10

This is the outdoor dining section of a fairly new restaurant in our neighborhood. I was attracted by the lines and reflections of the empty tables waiting for customers.

I added one other picture. On Saturday, I looked again at what I shot on Thursday and decided to upload this photo of a fence in front of a house on India Street about two blocks from where we live. You can see this same house in the background of the bicycle picture I posted on 4-23-10.