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Tuesday, 7-20-10 – Determination of Nature

20 Jul

I saw this plant growing out a crack in an otherwise solid, concret- block wall that was painted a dark gray. You can find plants growing in what would seem to be inhospitable places. My most memorable recollection of this was a flower blooming out of a rock in a lava field on a Hawaiian volcano. So why do we have trouble getting certain plants to thrive in a flower pot?


Friday, 6-11-10 Little Italy North

11 Jun

Little Italy has a north section. It doesn’t have the restaurants and wine bars. But it does have some interesting galleries, artist studios and antique shops. Today, I walked north on India Street.

The first photo is of aloe trunks that were stacked against the wall of an interior design business called Botanica They have some beautiful and unusual décor items that are plant-based. It’s a fascinating store to browse. They were really gracious about giving me permission to shoot inside their store. They’re on India near Juniper. I’d give the exact address, but the business card says Kettner while it’s actually on India.

Little Italy has a lot of jacaranda trees. They’re really beautiful when they’re full of those blue flowers. Now the flowers are really dropping. This was on the walkway to the front door of an old house on India Street.

On the corner of India and Kalmia is the studio of a wood artist. He sculpts and creates some beautiful furniture and art from wood. Today, he had his roll-up door open and I saw his dog sitting on this airline seat. I thought it was funny.

Thursday, 6-10-10 – A week’s worth of catching up

10 Jun

To celebrate Jan’s birthday, we spent last Friday at the Glen Ivy Hot Springs Spa in Corona. A “must do” while you’re there is the red clay “Club Mud.” You cover yourself with a layer of their red clay, lie out in the sun until it dries, then scrape and wash it off in a mineral water shower. It’s a do-it-yourself combination mud pack and exfoliation. In the photo of Jan, she’s lying on one of the lounge chairs as the sun dries the clay. The picture of me is a self-portrait right after applying the clay. I only did my face while Jan covered most of her body. Both taken with the PowerShot.

On Saturday, June 5, I saw this plant in a large pot on the sidewalk in front of a Little Italy condo building.

Sunday afternoon and evening, all day Monday and Tuesday were spent at the National Investor Relations Institute annual conference which was held this year at the Hyatt at Seaport Village. Most of that time was spent in the exhibit hall helping an associate with his booth while also trying to develop additional business for myself. Periodically, I had to get out of that hall. This picture was taken Monday with my cell phone. It’s from a balcony facing Seaport Village.

I call this picture from Tuesday, “nothing personal – just business”. The booth in the picture is where I spent most of the day. Photo taken with my cell phone.

On Wednesday, I was on Cedar Street when I saw this older man come rolling by on his electric wheel chair with a boy riding on the arm rest. I turned around, picked up my camera, and got this shot.

Today, June 10, started out misty and stayed cold and gloomy all day. This is the tomato plant that is growing upside down from the hanging container on our balcony. It finally has baby tomatoes. This is a yellow, cherry-type variety. Our balcony really doesn’t get enough hours of sunlight to grow abundant tomatoes. These are doing the best they can in the limited light of today’s June Gloom.

Tuesday, 5-04-10

5 May

This was taken just a few blocks from where we live. I  have often driven past this house when heading home after getting off the freeway. I never really noticed this “tree”. I put the word in quotes because it’s not a tree. It’s a very old Bougainvillea plant that has been pruned and trained into a tree shape. I only “saw” it for the first time the day I took the pictures of the car on 4-27. As I was walking back home, a woman on the street pointed it out to me. She was with the man who owns the house behind the white picket fence. (That  house belonged to his grandparents. His grandfather was an Italian fisherman. It’s now a rental and he was doing some fix-up to get it ready to re-rent) He  spent some talking about how the  neighborhood has changed. For example, the building we live in is not quite eight years old. He told me about his grandparents, the people who used to live across the street and next door. And he told me a little about that plant. So today I went back to take a picture.