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Tuesday, 7-6-10 – Fountain for framing

6 Jul

This is in front of the entrance to a condo building one block from us on India Street. I shot through the streams of a fountain The setting is in front of the same building as the flower and decorated pot photo in my 6-25-10 post.


Wednesday, 6-30-10 – Citroen Revisited

30 Jun

I had previously shot this car on 4-27-10 [  https://abesdailysnap.wordpress.com/2010/04/27/tuesday-4-27-10/ ], posting photos of the door and the gas cap. Today, as I walked past, the scene was different. A florist had turned the car into part of a floral arrangement. I was amused by the juxtaposition of the flowers and the old car. You can find this display and the flowers for sale on the corner of Fir and Columbia.

25 Jun

Some days, because of the way I’ve let time get away from me, I’m sort of rushing to get a picture for the day. Today was one of those.

There is a store in the next block that sells Italian decorator items, including some large, elaborately painted pots. They’re not to my taste. But today, one of those pots was up against a red wall and held these large flowers. I liked the colors so I decided this would be the subject for today’s photo.

Wednesday, 6-23-10 – Sending the Birds a Message

23 Jun

Have they been having a problem with trespassing birds?  I smiled when I saw the juxtaposition of the sign and the birdhouses mounted on top of this fence.

Tuesday, 6-22-10 – Another Wrought Iron Gate

22 Jun

I seem to be drawn to photographing wrought iron gates. This one is in front of a shop that’s in a shed in an alley between two old houses that now house shops. It was closed today. But I think they sell flowers and gardening décor items. 

Monday, 6-21-10 — Rub-a-Dub-Dub

21 Jun

Remember the nursery rhyme that begins “Rub-a-dub-dub, three men in a tub…”? That was what immediately popped into my mind when I saw this tub with three chairs inside sitting on the sidewalk outside “Architectural Salvage” on Kettner Blvd. in Little Italy. I got this smile on my face and had to take the picture.

Architectural Salvage is a really neat store. It used to be on India Street but moved to a bigger location with better parking. As the name suggests, they carry all sorts of things salvaged from building demolition & remodeling projects.

Inside, I saw two shelves filled with old seltzer bottles. Here are a few.

Next door is a décor & gift shop in an old house that is painted in bright colors. This mailbox and chair are on the front porch.

Finally, I have another take on an earlier photo. In my entry for June 2, 2010, I had a picture of an old, somewhat dirty, wrought iron gate at the entrance of a business. Today, the dingy white door was open, but there was no light inside. So I was able to shoot the gate against a dark background. I think I like this better than the earlier version.

Friday, 6-18-10 — India Street Chairs

18 Jun

One of the things that the Little Italy Association has done is put chairs out on the sidewalks on the corners along India Street. It makes it more inviting to walk and gives you a place to sit if you’re tired or just want to people watch. I like the patterns of the chairs and their shadows in the afternoon sun.