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Wednesday, 7-14-10 Nature Imitating Art

14 Jul

Among the many wrought iron gates on our street, this is one of the biggest. It blocks a courtyard adjacent to a closed business. I hadn’t paid much attention to the gate because it’s rather ordinary. However, there is a vine growing along the gate which has wound itself around the wrought iron representation of a vine that decorates the gate’s upper section. I only noticed it today because of the flowers that have bloomed in the last day or two. While the leaves on the living vine are not exactly the same as those on the metal one (the latter are grape, I think) there is enough similarity for me to find it amusing. It’s almost as if nature were imitating art – but doing a better job.


Tuesday, 6-22-10 – Another Wrought Iron Gate

22 Jun

I seem to be drawn to photographing wrought iron gates. This one is in front of a shop that’s in a shed in an alley between two old houses that now house shops. It was closed today. But I think they sell flowers and gardening décor items. 

Thursday, 6-3-10 An old gate

3 Jun

I walked in a different direction today, away from the heart of Little Italy. This gate is on an older stucco building on Columbia near Beech. Because of plant growth on both sides, and the condition of the hinge, I doubt the gate can swing. The building seems to house several small apartment units. It’s for sale as a development site and will likely disappear to make way for something newer once the local real estate market improves. 

These flowers were growing on the wall around the corner of the gate to the right.