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Monday, 6-28-10 – Spencer at play

30 Jun

This is Spencer playing with one of his newer toys, a water table, set up in their back yard.


Thursday, 6-24-10 – The Kaleidoscope

24 Jun

One of the pieces of art installed along the San Diego waterfront as part of this year’s “Urban Trees” exhibit is a large, working Kaleidoscope. You turn some cranks to change the effect of what you are looking at on San Diego Bay. Today I saw two young girls, who I’m guessing are sisters, looking through it. The bigger one was helping the smaller and then looking through it with her.

When they finished, this couple came up for their turn. Right after I took this shot, she turned and kissed him.

Spencer Weekend – May 2 and 3

5 May

On Sunday, May 2, I noticed an item in the online New York Times  about a project for that day that the paper referred to as a Moment in Time. They were encouraging readers to take photos at 11:00 a.m. eastern time (8:00 a.m. pacific) and submit them online. I had just enough time to grab my camera and take this shot, which I uploaded to their site.

On Monday, May 3, I took this shot just before we left for the airport to fly back to San Diego.

Our Spencer Weekend: 4-29-10 thru 5-03-10

5 May

Almost all of the pictures over this period include our grandson, Spencer.  On Thursday, we flew to the San Francisco Bay Area to baby-sit our grandson – for three days. Our daughter and son-in-law had to go out of town. He to a wedding in Chicago and she to present a paper at a conference and then on to Chicago for that wedding. So, from Friday morning thru Sunday afternoon, we were the full-time care givers for a one-year-old boy. We had forgotten the time, attention, and energy commitment something like that requires. It was work and it was tiring. But we wouldn’t trade the experience for anything.

There is one shot in this bunch that does not include Spencer. We took him to a neighborhood park each day.

On Saturday, I saw these two boys playing on the slide.

The following day, Jan helped Spencer down a smaller slide. At the same time, a young woman was helping another toddler down the parallel slide. It’s fascinating to me how small children have such an intense interest in others small children while ignoring the bigger kids and adults.

After being on the slide and the swing, we spread out a blanket on the grass. That was Spencer’s stimulus to go exploring. Or was he trying to make a break?

Tuesday, 4-13-10

26 Apr

What is it about boxes that attracts little boys? I remember when I was a kid and my father brought some big boxes home. I was older than this boy. I was at least in the fourth grade because my memory of the boxes is in the garage of our house and we moved there in fourth grade. I used those boxes to build a fort and a pretend house inside our garage and recall having lots of fun until my younger brother knocked down the fort because I wouldn’t let him inside.

Today I was walking down Fir Street when I saw this boy playing with this box outside one of the shops. I stood nearby and took lots of shots. Rather than pick one, I’m putting up this sequence. Wouldn’t it be great if we could all have this much enjoyment from something as simple as a cardboard box?  Camera was the 20D.