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A Morning at the Zoo

13 Feb

I went to my second photo Meetup this week – Thursday morning at the San Diego Zoo. We entered when the zoo opened at 9:00 and stayed until about 1:30 p.m.There were about 15 of us.

This is a resting rhinoceros.

This young elephant had been playing with water from a pond. I happened to be in the right place when he decided to take a big gulp directly from the pipe that was spraying the water into that pond.    

As I was about to leave, I stopped at the flamingo pond near the entrance.

I just happened to see this one flamingo in the one shaft of light in an otherwise shaded area. This was my last shot of the day.  


Tuesday, 5-25-10 – Very Different Birds

25 May

People buy and place statues of owls on their roofs to scare away pigeons. But apparently no one has told the pigeons. I saw this today and couldn’t resist.

Bird of Paradise plants were in bloom today at the front door of our building. They’re one of Jan’s favorite flowers. She won’t see these because she will be in her car and use the garage entrance. So I took this for her.