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Thursday, 7-15-10 – Some Framed Reflections

15 Jul

I was walking toward the waterfront when I saw these three buildings seemingly framed in a fourth. And I thought, “wow – cool reflections.”

As I shot, I wasn’t sure whether the best picture would be the wide angle or a medium telephoto of a segment of the reflections.  But when I got home and really looked at the exaggerated distortions in one row of windows, I decided to use that photo also. But rather than just cropping, I decided to use the whole file and darken the top and bottom rows to emphasize the one in the middle.

When I first started this project, I said I would only use Photoshop for basic correction of exposure, contrast and for cropping. But, as you can tell from this shot and some recent color photos that were converted to B/W, I’ve decided to give myself a little more room to play.


Monday, 7-12-10

12 Jul

This sign is on the roof of a Mexican cantina on India Street at the north end of Little Italy. However, the structure has had different uses and the sign different messages in the time we’ve lived here. Prior to the Mexican theme, the building tried to be part of the club scene as the Airport Lounge (I think). The Airport name was appropriate as it is under the flight path for planes landing at Lindberg Field. It was empty for a while before that. If you look at the top of the arrow, you can see the remains of the letters “DRY” as in dry cleaning.

Sunday, 7-11-10 – Re-reflected

11 Jul

I took this on India Street a little over a block from our home. The building across the street from where I was standing was reflecting a building behind me. The latter building is also a glass-sided structure and it was reflecting a third building that was flying an American flag. I had seen this a few days ago but the light was wrong – all marine layer overcast. However, this afternoon we finally saw the sun after about two weeks of gray. And the sun was on the flag long enough for me to get this shot.

Thursday, 7-8-10 The Black and White Light

8 Jul

How often does one pay attention to street lamps during the day? I don’t know why one would. I was sitting in the Piazza Basilone watching tourists trying to enjoy our unusually cool July weather. It was a totally gray, marine-layer dominated day in which we didn’t see the sun.

Glancing acrpss the street, I noticed something odd about the street lamps in front of a relatively new building in our neighborhood. The globes on all of the street lamps adjacent to the building had been painted so that the side facing the building was black.

The building is mostly glass on the sides. And an unpainted lamp would shine right into the apartments on the first level above the street. I’m assuming the builder got permission to paint them and I imagine the residents of those units appreciate it.

Photographically, I liked the contrast created by the building, sky, and painted lamps.

Wednesday, 7-7-10 A School Becoming a Parking Lot

7 Jul

This is the site of what used to be the Harborside School, a private K – 8 school located in downtown San Diego on Kettner Street, not far from the railroad terminal and the Bay. A few years ago, financial problems forced them to close. The abandoned school and yard reportedly became a magnet for transients and vandals. So the school was torn down.

Now, the site is being turned into a parking lot. When the economy and housing market improve, someone will likely build condos there.

The demolition of the school revealed a hidden back wall of what had been a soft drink bottling plant. Before I took this shot, a truck had just dumped a load of smoking asphalt to be spread on the site.

One part of the site that has not yet been knocked down is the remains of this corner post of an entry gate to the school.

There was a bicycle rider with an American Flag attached to his helmet who was watching the parking lot surfacing – until his attention was distracted by a woman who walked by.

Monday, 6-21-10 — Rub-a-Dub-Dub

21 Jun

Remember the nursery rhyme that begins “Rub-a-dub-dub, three men in a tub…”? That was what immediately popped into my mind when I saw this tub with three chairs inside sitting on the sidewalk outside “Architectural Salvage” on Kettner Blvd. in Little Italy. I got this smile on my face and had to take the picture.

Architectural Salvage is a really neat store. It used to be on India Street but moved to a bigger location with better parking. As the name suggests, they carry all sorts of things salvaged from building demolition & remodeling projects.

Inside, I saw two shelves filled with old seltzer bottles. Here are a few.

Next door is a décor & gift shop in an old house that is painted in bright colors. This mailbox and chair are on the front porch.

Finally, I have another take on an earlier photo. In my entry for June 2, 2010, I had a picture of an old, somewhat dirty, wrought iron gate at the entrance of a business. Today, the dingy white door was open, but there was no light inside. So I was able to shoot the gate against a dark background. I think I like this better than the earlier version.

Thursday, 6-17-10

17 Jun

This beautifully painted and maintained fence encloses a law office in downtown San Diego.

The fence continues to an adjacent building that looks like it could be a medieval structure in a European city. Instead, it’s some kind of utility station for SDG&E I put me lens through the fence to shoot this section of a large wooden door that has seen better days.