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November 2010

4 Jan

I’m playing catch-up and posting photos taken in November.


Along the San Diego waterfront there is a walkway and park that honors America’s veterans, especially from the Navy. In a Veteran’s Day observance, a veterans group placed markers commemorating American forces killed in Iraq and Afghanistan. They were placed in the grass area near where the aircraft carrier Midway Museum is anchored. While crosses predominate, there were also crescents, stars of David and others without a clear religious symbol. I noticed a young man with a haircut that suggested he might be a Marine as he contemplated a marker that also had the photo of a Marine who gave his life in those wars.


On Tuesdays, on a rotating basis, the museums at Balboa Park have free admission for San Diegans. Following are some pictures I took at the park on Nov. 16.

The first is a woman I saw sitting near paintings on display in the  Spanish Village Art Center. (See also my post of July 13 for related pictures). I was taken by her gray hat and hair against the color of her shirt and the red bench.

This photo was taken from inside the Art Museum looking out a back window along the corridor leading to the restrooms. The window overlooks part of the park. It had a light filtering shade. I shot through the shade because I liked the sort of impressionist painting effect it had on the scene outside.


The next two shots were definitely influenced by being in the art museum. These are lily pads in the pond in front of the Botanical Building. Both photos are of the same group of lily pads, but from different angles. I played with the images a little in Photoshop to get a suggestion (to me) of a Monet painting.



Inside the Botanical Building looking out – I liked the spider webs between the turned posts that make a grill instead of a wall.


After I left the Botanical Building, I took this shot because I was taken by the contrast between the elderly couple slowly walking and the young couple enjoying the park in a different way.


Coming up in the next post, December photos.



Sunday, 7-11-10 – Re-reflected

11 Jul

I took this on India Street a little over a block from our home. The building across the street from where I was standing was reflecting a building behind me. The latter building is also a glass-sided structure and it was reflecting a third building that was flying an American flag. I had seen this a few days ago but the light was wrong – all marine layer overcast. However, this afternoon we finally saw the sun after about two weeks of gray. And the sun was on the flag long enough for me to get this shot.

Wednesday, 7-7-10 A School Becoming a Parking Lot

7 Jul

This is the site of what used to be the Harborside School, a private K – 8 school located in downtown San Diego on Kettner Street, not far from the railroad terminal and the Bay. A few years ago, financial problems forced them to close. The abandoned school and yard reportedly became a magnet for transients and vandals. So the school was torn down.

Now, the site is being turned into a parking lot. When the economy and housing market improve, someone will likely build condos there.

The demolition of the school revealed a hidden back wall of what had been a soft drink bottling plant. Before I took this shot, a truck had just dumped a load of smoking asphalt to be spread on the site.

One part of the site that has not yet been knocked down is the remains of this corner post of an entry gate to the school.

There was a bicycle rider with an American Flag attached to his helmet who was watching the parking lot surfacing – until his attention was distracted by a woman who walked by.

Monday, 6-14-10 – Flag Day

14 Jun

This beautifully kept up older house in Little Italy has a vine-covered arbor entry gate in their white picket fence. They always fly the flag.

Monday, 5-31-10 – Memorial Day

31 May

A flag on our street.