Saturday, 10/2/10 – Restarting and Catching Up

2 Oct

The shoulder has been much better for the last month and it appears I’ll be able to avoid surgery. So here are some photos I took during the “gap” even though I didn’t get out to shoot every day.

The first set are some of my favorites from our recent vacation in Maui. All were taken on/along Kaanapali Beach (for those who have never been there, it’s on the west shore with the islands of Lanai and Molokai across the channel). The first two were taken at dawn.

Along Kaanapali Beach - looking south

The bird landing on the tree made this image for me.

The third photo was taken right after the sun came over the top of the mountain and hit clouds over the channel. There was a small rain squall in the distance and the combination created a partial rainbow. This is my favorite scenic photo from the trip.

Walking back to the condo at the resort, early sunbeams were starting to hit the sand and the edges of tracks from both people and birds.

As I got back to the resort, the lounge chairs arranged in the grass were wet (sprinklers?). This one had a flower petal that had fallen from the tree during the night.

We were snorkeling over a reef when I saw this fellow free diving in about 20 feet of water. A few minutes later, I caught him surfacing from another dive. I was using an Olympus camera – a “Luca Brazzi” model. I named it that after I lost it the next day near this spot but in deeper water.

This is my favorite non-scenic shot from the trip. It’s our daughter and grandson. I took it just before we ate dinner outside on our last evening in Maui.

Of course, no set of Maui photos would be complete without a sunset shot.


Wednesday, 7-21-10 – Empty Tables

21 Jul

There are lots of restaurants in our neighborhood – many of them very good. This one wasn’t. It’s been out of business for several months now. The unused tables and chairs are secured by a rusty chain to the fence that encloses the sidewalk dining area. But that’s not enough to stop passers-by from leaving comments.

Tuesday, 7-20-10 – Determination of Nature

20 Jul

I saw this plant growing out a crack in an otherwise solid, concret- block wall that was painted a dark gray. You can find plants growing in what would seem to be inhospitable places. My most memorable recollection of this was a flower blooming out of a rock in a lava field on a Hawaiian volcano. So why do we have trouble getting certain plants to thrive in a flower pot?

Sunday, 7-18-10 – Photos while waiting for Jan

18 Jul

We were running a bunch of errands this afternoon. One of them was over to the area near Seaport Village to pick up some fresh fish for dinner. The parking lot at there was full with people circling and waiting for spaces. And it’s a big lot. So I found a place to wait in the car while Jan went into the Fish Market. I noticed this image in my right side mirror. It’s near where I was standing when I took the fishing boat photo yesterday.

Jan came back with some red snapper and then we were off to the downtown main library. Because all the legal parking places nearby were taken, I waited in the car again. And I saw this image in my left side mirror. You’ll find a lot of homeless people spending their days in and around the library.

Saturday, 7-17-10 – An Early-evening Walk

18 Jul

It was after 5:30 p.m. when we decided to take a walk along San Diego Bay. Because police had blocked the area around the Star of India, we changed our plans to walk north and went the other direction, ending up at Seaport Village. I was able to take advantage of the warm light from the low sun.

There is a yacht harbor there and I saw this boy fishing from the dock.

On the way back, I took this shot of fishing boats in Tuna Harbor.

Then we passed through the shadow of the Midway Museum. That’s an active-duty aircraft carrier across the bay at the North Island Navy base.

Friday, 7-16-10 – People on the Waterfront

16 Jul

Today was the first hot day we’ve had in a long time in downtown San Diego. It was after 5:00 p.m. when I was finally able to get out to take pictures. So I walked down to the waterfront to take advantage of the cool breeze coming off the bay and look for picture ideas.

I sat on a low ledge, facing the water. I used my wide angle lens, manually preset the exposure for the sky, and set the focus at infinity. Then I sat and waited for people to come by. I wanted to capture one of the ubiquitous pedicabs that ply the area. But I also decided to include these other three in this posting because of the range of people and situations they captured.

Thursday, 7-15-10 – Some Framed Reflections

15 Jul

I was walking toward the waterfront when I saw these three buildings seemingly framed in a fourth. And I thought, “wow – cool reflections.”

As I shot, I wasn’t sure whether the best picture would be the wide angle or a medium telephoto of a segment of the reflections.  But when I got home and really looked at the exaggerated distortions in one row of windows, I decided to use that photo also. But rather than just cropping, I decided to use the whole file and darken the top and bottom rows to emphasize the one in the middle.

When I first started this project, I said I would only use Photoshop for basic correction of exposure, contrast and for cropping. But, as you can tell from this shot and some recent color photos that were converted to B/W, I’ve decided to give myself a little more room to play.