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Thursday, Oct. 7, 2010

7 Oct

The Nature of Coffee Shops.

First, let me say I’m not a Starbuck’s customer. I don’t have anything against the chain or its imitators/competitors. It’s just that I’m not a real coffee drinker. It’s rare that I have coffee beyond two cups with breakfast.

There are several coffee shops in our neighborhood. When I passed this one today, I saw what symbolized to me what they seem to have have become – stations to web surf and maybe do some work. I never did see this guy’s face, just his hands enclosing his coffee cup while working at his laptop.

The Net Result

I’ve also included in this post pictures I took during the upload break. I’ll be adding some of those over the next several posts. Today’s “catch-up” photos were taken late in the afternoon on Aug. 7 when Jan and I walked along a dock at Tuna Harbor where commercial fishing boats tie up. I was attracted to three different perspectives on fishing nets.

The first photo is of nets that have been neglected for so long that weeds are growing out of them even though they’re covered, mostly, with a plastic tarp.

The second shot is just the opposite – and on the other side of the dock – a fishing boat on which the nets are rolled up and ready for the next deployment.

In between, we saw a commercial fisherman and his wife who were working, even as sunset was nearing, on repairing their fishing nets. I had their permission to take their picture.


Saturday, 10/2/10 – Restarting and Catching Up

2 Oct

The shoulder has been much better for the last month and it appears I’ll be able to avoid surgery. So here are some photos I took during the “gap” even though I didn’t get out to shoot every day.

The first set are some of my favorites from our recent vacation in Maui. All were taken on/along Kaanapali Beach (for those who have never been there, it’s on the west shore with the islands of Lanai and Molokai across the channel). The first two were taken at dawn.

Along Kaanapali Beach - looking south

The bird landing on the tree made this image for me.

The third photo was taken right after the sun came over the top of the mountain and hit clouds over the channel. There was a small rain squall in the distance and the combination created a partial rainbow. This is my favorite scenic photo from the trip.

Walking back to the condo at the resort, early sunbeams were starting to hit the sand and the edges of tracks from both people and birds.

As I got back to the resort, the lounge chairs arranged in the grass were wet (sprinklers?). This one had a flower petal that had fallen from the tree during the night.

We were snorkeling over a reef when I saw this fellow free diving in about 20 feet of water. A few minutes later, I caught him surfacing from another dive. I was using an Olympus camera – a “Luca Brazzi” model. I named it that after I lost it the next day near this spot but in deeper water.

This is my favorite non-scenic shot from the trip. It’s our daughter and grandson. I took it just before we ate dinner outside on our last evening in Maui.

Of course, no set of Maui photos would be complete without a sunset shot.