Tuesday, 7-13-10 – And Now for Someplace Completely Different

13 Jul

(With apologies to Monty Python)

Most of the photos, so far, in this blog have been shot in and around our neighborhood of Little Italy. The bulk of the rest have been shot in the SF Bay Area with our grandson, Spencer, as the subject.

Today I drove to Balboa Park, drawn by the monthly “free Tuesday” at the Museum of Photographic Arts. So were lots and lots of other people. The museum was too crowded to enjoy the current exhibition. So I walked around the nearby areas and took my own photos.

The first is of the walkway at the park’s Spanish Village Art Center. Much better than boring gray concrete.

In the middle of the art center is a gazebo where I saw this woman sitting and enjoying the shade (today was the warmest day we’ve had in quite a while).

I next walked through part of the cactus and succulent garden. If you’ve never walked there, it’s really worthwhile. What struck me today was that people had carved their declarations of love into cactus plants. And I found myself wondering whether there is some kind of sub-conscious symbolism there about the nature of those individuals’ relationships.

As I left the cactus garden, I saw this (aloe?) plant. I took the picture with the intent to convert it to black and white.


One Response to “Tuesday, 7-13-10 – And Now for Someplace Completely Different”

  1. Sarah Wischnia July 13, 2010 at 8:57 pm #

    Great day! Some nice shots here – I especially like the aloe shot.

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