Saturday, 7-10-10 – Guys Singing on the Corner

10 Jul

This was shot from my office window. I had noticed these guys across the street. From the way they were standing and their body language, I thought maybe a fight coming. Instead, they went into a few bars of a song in beautiful four-part harmony. They stopped, talked, and then harmonized again on a long-drawn note. Then they started singing “Java Jive” in an a cappella style that seemed a cross between barbershop quartet and jazz group. (Interesting song selection as they were standing across the street from a coffee shop on the ground floor of our building) I got my camera and shot from the window as a small crowd gathered on the corner to listen.

They sang the one song and stopped. The crowd cheered and then dispersed. Meanwhile, the singers stood to listen to a recording one of them had made of their song.

They didn’t sing any other songs and after a few more minutes, they left. It’s another reason Jan loves where we live.


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