Thursday, 7-8-10 The Black and White Light

8 Jul

How often does one pay attention to street lamps during the day? I don’t know why one would. I was sitting in the Piazza Basilone watching tourists trying to enjoy our unusually cool July weather. It was a totally gray, marine-layer dominated day in which we didn’t see the sun.

Glancing acrpss the street, I noticed something odd about the street lamps in front of a relatively new building in our neighborhood. The globes on all of the street lamps adjacent to the building had been painted so that the side facing the building was black.

The building is mostly glass on the sides. And an unpainted lamp would shine right into the apartments on the first level above the street. I’m assuming the builder got permission to paint them and I imagine the residents of those units appreciate it.

Photographically, I liked the contrast created by the building, sky, and painted lamps.


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