Friday, 6-11-10 Little Italy North

11 Jun

Little Italy has a north section. It doesn’t have the restaurants and wine bars. But it does have some interesting galleries, artist studios and antique shops. Today, I walked north on India Street.

The first photo is of aloe trunks that were stacked against the wall of an interior design business called Botanica They have some beautiful and unusual décor items that are plant-based. It’s a fascinating store to browse. They were really gracious about giving me permission to shoot inside their store. They’re on India near Juniper. I’d give the exact address, but the business card says Kettner while it’s actually on India.

Little Italy has a lot of jacaranda trees. They’re really beautiful when they’re full of those blue flowers. Now the flowers are really dropping. This was on the walkway to the front door of an old house on India Street.

On the corner of India and Kalmia is the studio of a wood artist. He sculpts and creates some beautiful furniture and art from wood. Today, he had his roll-up door open and I saw his dog sitting on this airline seat. I thought it was funny.


One Response to “Friday, 6-11-10 Little Italy North”

  1. Sarah Wischnia June 12, 2010 at 7:19 am #

    I really like all three of these!

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