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Wednesday, 6-30-10 – Citroen Revisited

30 Jun

I had previously shot this car on 4-27-10 [ ], posting photos of the door and the gas cap. Today, as I walked past, the scene was different. A florist had turned the car into part of a floral arrangement. I was amused by the juxtaposition of the flowers and the old car. You can find this display and the flowers for sale on the corner of Fir and Columbia.


Tuesday, 6-29-10 – lucky timing

30 Jun

This morning, while Sarah, Spencer and Jan were involved with other things, I decided to photograph some white agapanthus flowers in Sarah’s back yard. I picked the white ones because the fence behind them was in shadow and exposed for the flower. While I was shooting, a bee flew over and began exploring this flower. I changed my shutter speed to 1/1000 and kept shooting. When I looked at the photo, I decided I like it better in monochrome than in color. So I used Photoshop to convert it to black and white.

Monday, 6-28-10 – Spencer at play

30 Jun

This is Spencer playing with one of his newer toys, a water table, set up in their back yard.

Sunday, 6-27-10 – Potatoes

30 Jun

This morning Jan and I went to the Mountain View farmers market with Sarah and Spencer. I liked the texture of this bin of new potatoes. As good as they looked, Sarah didn’t buy any. I would have if this were a market at home.

Saturday, 6-26-10 – Visiting our daughter’s family

30 Jun

This is a catch-up day for posting. We’ve been out of town. So today I’m uploading the posts for 6-26 through today. All photos were taken on the date associated with the post.

We flew to the Bay Area on Saturday, June 26, for an extended weekend with our daughter, Sarah, her husband Morgan,  and our grandson, Spencer.  In the afternoon, we went to a park that has a redwood grove with a wooden plank path that feels sort of like a miniature Muir Woods. There is a  small stream that runs through the grove.

25 Jun

Some days, because of the way I’ve let time get away from me, I’m sort of rushing to get a picture for the day. Today was one of those.

There is a store in the next block that sells Italian decorator items, including some large, elaborately painted pots. They’re not to my taste. But today, one of those pots was up against a red wall and held these large flowers. I liked the colors so I decided this would be the subject for today’s photo.

Thursday, 6-24-10 – The Kaleidoscope

24 Jun

One of the pieces of art installed along the San Diego waterfront as part of this year’s “Urban Trees” exhibit is a large, working Kaleidoscope. You turn some cranks to change the effect of what you are looking at on San Diego Bay. Today I saw two young girls, who I’m guessing are sisters, looking through it. The bigger one was helping the smaller and then looking through it with her.

When they finished, this couple came up for their turn. Right after I took this shot, she turned and kissed him.