Sunday, 5-30-10 – The Kiss and the kiss

31 May

This statue, on the San Diego waterfront, may have become one of the most photographed objects in the city. Or at least the most photographed work of public art. It depicts the famous Life Magazine photo by Alfred Eisenstaedt of a sailor kissing a nurse in Times Square in New York at the end of World War Two. Jan and I were sitting on a bench just people watching. I was thinking about taking photos of all the people taking photos. My mind was elsewhere when Jan nudged me and pointed at this young couple emulating “The Kiss.” I picked up my camera and got this shot along with a few others from holding down the shutter button. I looked at it on my camera view screen, liked what I saw and figured I had my photo for the day.

However, when I got home and opened up the photo on my computer screen, I saw that the shots were blurry. Then I looked at the camera’s EXIF data and realized that I had screwed up. I usually shoot in manual mode. The camera shutter speed was still at the 1/20th of a second that I had used with a tripod yesterday in shooting the silk flowers. Normally, I would notice that in the viewfinder, but I was wearing sun glasses and didn’t bother to take them off when I picked up the camera to get this shot. There are several lessons for me there. This photo has the least camera motion blur of the sequence. I’m using it because otherwise there would be no photo for today.

With the summer tourist season now here, I intend to go back and get a better shot of some other couple doing this.


One Response to “Sunday, 5-30-10 – The Kiss and the kiss”

  1. Sarah Wischnia May 31, 2010 at 9:36 pm #

    Too bad – great moment!

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