Sunday, 5-23-10: Wedding Couple

23 May

Today was the Sicilian Festival in Little Italy. Thousands of people and three music stages. The main stage was at our corner. The main entertainers were a group that does a representation of a traditional Italian wedding. We’ve seen them many times at this annual festival and at the big Festa weekend in October. They have singers, dancers and a live band. But this year there was a twist. Instead of actors, they incorporated a real wedding. According to an item in the paper, the bride is an American who was visiting in Italy. The groom is Italian. The wedding was out on the street as part of the show.

It was the couple’s “First Dance” after the ceremony. The music was the love theme from “The Godfather.” It was a windy day and a sudden gust of wind caught her veil blowing it over both of them. I just happened to have my camera up to take a shot of them dancing when I caught this.


One Response to “Sunday, 5-23-10: Wedding Couple”

  1. Glenn Frey May 23, 2010 at 3:34 pm #

    Talk about catching the right moment. What a great shot and story.

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