Saturday, 5-15-10 Farmers Markets

16 May

Most Saturday mornings, there is a “Farmers Market” in our neighborhood, just a block away from where we live. I put the Words Farmers Market in quotes because a big percentage of the booths are crafts and resellers and restaurants. The resellers range from packaged food items to cut flowers to gimmicks you see sold at commercial booths at the county fair. In fact, yesterday, there was a guy selling kitchen chopping/grinding devices that he said are imported. Many times when I’ve been there, these non-produce booths have appeared to outnumber those of genuine growers selling their own crops. Is it really a “Farmers Market”? The Little Italy Association skirts the issue by calling it a Mercato. That’s more accurate. I didn’t spend much time there today. But I did buy some baby zucchini with the flowers till attached, apricots, white peaches and yellow nectarines. This basket of beans caught my eye for a photo because of the colors and the yellow beans that had fallen into the wrong basket. But I didn’t buy any.

The second photo is a collage I put together after visiting a much bigger and (seemingly) more genuine Farmers Market in the San Francisco Bay Area while visiting our daughter, Sarah. I wish the one in our neighborhood had that kind of selection and comparable prices.


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