Tuesday, 5-04-10

5 May

This was taken just a few blocks from where we live. I  have often driven past this house when heading home after getting off the freeway. I never really noticed this “tree”. I put the word in quotes because it’s not a tree. It’s a very old Bougainvillea plant that has been pruned and trained into a tree shape. I only “saw” it for the first time the day I took the pictures of the car on 4-27. As I was walking back home, a woman on the street pointed it out to me. She was with the man who owns the house behind the white picket fence. (That  house belonged to his grandparents. His grandfather was an Italian fisherman. It’s now a rental and he was doing some fix-up to get it ready to re-rent) He  spent some talking about how the  neighborhood has changed. For example, the building we live in is not quite eight years old. He told me about his grandparents, the people who used to live across the street and next door. And he told me a little about that plant. So today I went back to take a picture.


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