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Tuesday, 4-27-10

27 Apr

There are a lot of little boutique-type shops along Fir Street here in Little Italy. One store, on the corner of Fir and Columbia has this old Citroen sitting next to the building. These two shots are the car’s gas cap and door.


Friday, 4-23-10

26 Apr

I liked the fact that the bike rack has the green Little Italy sign, the bike has green in two places, and that in the background is a cottage painted with the Italian flag colors with green trim and a green, white and red picket fence.



Wednesday, 4-21-10

26 Apr

We had an unusual (for San Diego) spring rain today. Our building has a central courtyard common area with a stamped concrete surface. Because of the slope, or rather the lack thereof, puddles form and remain after a rain. This is a tree reflected in one of the puddles with the picture inverted because I like the effect. The first time I did a shot like this was when Jan and I visited Italy. It rained much of the time (it was April then also). I was looking for a different way to shoot two famous Florence landmarks. You can see those pictures at this link:

Monday, 4-19-10

26 Apr

When it’s not in use, Jan keeps this mop on the balcony. I like the texture and color combinations.

Saturday, 4-17-10

26 Apr

Last Sunday we bought this plant holder at a craft fair in Laguna Beach. (See the photo for 4-11-10) Jan got these three lily stems to display in it.

Tuesday, 4-13-10

26 Apr

What is it about boxes that attracts little boys? I remember when I was a kid and my father brought some big boxes home. I was older than this boy. I was at least in the fourth grade because my memory of the boxes is in the garage of our house and we moved there in fourth grade. I used those boxes to build a fort and a pretend house inside our garage and recall having lots of fun until my younger brother knocked down the fort because I wouldn’t let him inside.

Today I was walking down Fir Street when I saw this boy playing with this box outside one of the shops. I stood nearby and took lots of shots. Rather than pick one, I’m putting up this sequence. Wouldn’t it be great if we could all have this much enjoyment from something as simple as a cardboard box?  Camera was the 20D.

Monday, 4-12-10

26 Apr

Since I’ve taken photos of our buildings other two gates, I thought I would get the third. This is the gate on the east side of our building that leads out onto State Street.

Canon 20D